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Handmade chess pieces with plastic bag.

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The Dubrovnik chess set is a style of chess pieces influenced by the Staunton chess set. These chessmen are considered to have significant historical importance and are a timeless design classic. The 1950 Dubrovnik chess set was designed without religious symbols. In a radio interview Bobby Fischer stated: "This 1950 Dubrovnik chess set is the best set I have ever played on. It is marvellous."Fischer owned a 1950 Dubrovnik chess set that he kept in a safe, which was subsequently sold by a storage company to pay for an outstanding storage bill. A chess collector provided a chess set after Fischer requested it for the 1992 Fischer–Spassky rematch held at Sveti Stefan. The Dubrovnik design has influenced the creation of several chess set variants with a variety of names, including but not limited to, Zagreb and Yugoslavia. Light pieces are made from the highest quality acacia wood (black pieces) and boxwood (white pieces) and also like Ebonised variation. Each set features a full 32 pieces - no extra queens included. These pieces are lightly weighted.

Height of King:

3,5" - 90 mm
3,75" - 95 mm
4" - 105 mm

Recommend chess board:
3,5" - No. 5
3,75" - No. 5+ or No.6
4" - No. 6

3,5"   - 710 g
3,75" - 990 g

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